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TVL3 Small TV Lift Kit – 650mm




TecHome TV Lift Kits take TV viewing to the next level. Our kits are designed to quietly lift and lower a television out of a cabinet or wall unit with a one touch remote control.

With a maximum 60kg load, the largest TecHome lift mechanism is suitable for TVs up to 60inches. Available in three sizes- small, medium and large, there is a TV Lift Kit to suit any application and allocation.


Which TV Lit Kit is right for me?

Step 1: Measure the height of your screen (with no stand as this will not be needed)

Step 2: Using your measured screen height, choose a maximum stroke size larger than your screen height

Example: Your screen height = 710mm

Model No. Max Height of Lift
TVL3-S 650mm  (your screen is 60mm too tall – will not clear the cabinet when lifted)
TVL3-M 785mm  (CORRECT – will clear the cabinet by 70mm)
TVL3-L 914mm  (will work, but too big/tall for your screen)


Features :          

  • Compact & solid lifting column
  • Maximum 60kg capacity
  • Maximum 35mm/sec lifting speed
  • Quiet operation
  • End limit switches
  • Easy operate, 3 buttons IR remote control, with UP/DOWN and MEMO


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Memo mechanism allows the user to permanently set the ideal height for viewing.
  • Conserve space in small areas
  • Conceals TVs, DVDs and other technical equipment.



General Features

Specifications Small___
Type TVL3
Max Load (N) 600
Max Speed (mm/sec) 22
Standard Installation Dimension (mm)     570
Standard Stroke Lenght (mm) 650
Mounting Dimension (L) 430



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