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Automation in Australia: TecHome’s Remote Power Switch Available to Customers in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide

Published: 24 Nov 2013

Need an outdoor power source that you can use to control a wide range of household items? Look no further than TecHome’s remote controlled power point! If you have been looking for a remote power switch in Australia, this is the item for you.

With two power outlets and a maximum load of 2400 watts, this power switch is perfect for controlling and powering outdoor lighting systems (for pools, spa areas, gardens, patios, decks, barbeque areas or any other outdoor entertainment spots), as well as water pumps, filters and chlorinators. In other words, it’s your one-stop shop for anything that calls for power outside!

Why Use TecHome’s Remote Controlled Power Point?

Entertaining guests in the outdoor areas around your home can be a lot of fun. After all, what’s the point in having a great patio or deck space if you don’t use them for gatherings of friends and family? But what about when the sun goes down and extra light is called for? That’s when you’ll be glad to have bought TecHome’s remote power switch for your Melbourne or Sydney home.

Essentially, the remote control power switch from TecHome makes it so that you can control the lighting systems for your home’s outdoor areas—along with other power-drawing household items—from one central hub. The remote power source has two outlets and can support up to three devices. Each outlet can be operated independently with a remote controller, so that you can turn off one device and leave another on.

For example, say you are providing power to the pool area outside of a house in Adelaide, Australia. You have one of the outlets on your power switch controlling the lighting system, and another hooked up to the water filters and chlorinators for your pool. The remote control makes it so you can turn the lights on and off without disrupting the power flow to the pool filtration and chlorination system—even though the two separate devices are using power from the same source.

On top of all of this, the TecHome remote controlled power point is entirely waterproof and easy to install. Interested in purchasing a remote power switch for a Sydney or Adelaide home? Call us at TecHome today!

TecHome will Help You Troubleshoot Issues with Your Remote Power Switch in Adelaide

At TecHome, we pride ourselves on offering the best automation products for home, commercial and industrial use. We also pride ourselves on offering personalised customer service to our local customers, though, and that goes far beyond the purchase of the automation product. If you ever have a problem with a remote power switch or any other item you bought from us, just give us a call. We are happy to help you fix the problem, because we stand by everything we sell.

Whether you live in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne or some other part of Australia, if you bought something from us, you can always expect our commitment to serving you as well as we can.


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