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Control Anything with a Linear Actuator from TecHome, Serving Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other Areas in Australia

Published: 24 Dec 2013

Linear actuators are all around us. From TV lift kits to opening roof systems, from roadwork vehicle signage to solar panel control, these easy to use machines can be used for a vast array of applications and possibilities. At TecHome, we specialise in providing linear actuators in Australia. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a home or industrial project, and it doesn’t matter whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or some other city in Australia. At TecHome, we adamantly believe that ‘We can control and automate anything,’ and that means helping you with any motion project you have in mind.

What is a Linear Actuator

Above, we learned a little bit about what a linear actuator can do, but what is the actual definition of these handy machines? In short, linear actuators are hydraulic motors that can facilitate smooth motion in a straight line. These powerful motors can be used to either push or pull heavy loads. In fact, a linear actuator can handle weights of up to 1,000 kilograms, making it an ideal solution for automating motion in a wide range of applications.

If you are looking for a linear actuator in Sydney or Melbourne, chances are that you already have an application in mind. Perhaps you want to automate the opening of a roof hatch or skylight at home; maybe you need to automate the tilting of an industrial solar panel lot; or perhaps you need a system that will control the tail gates, swing gates and hatches of a truck or campervan. Regardless of your application, TecHome can provide the actuator you need to automate anything for your home, business, or industrial endeavor.

Why Choose TecHome for Your Linear Actuator in Melbourne?

Now that you understand what linear actuators are, what they do and why they are useful, your last question is probably this: why should you come to TecHome for your linear actuator in Adelaide or Melbourne?

There are several answers to that question. For one thing, at TecHome, we have been providing linear actuators and other automation technologies to Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney for five years. In that time, we have become known around those cities—and indeed, throughout Australia as a whole—as a company truly devoted to providing a peerless customer service experience. We will never try to sell you the most expensive actuator, just for the purpose of making money. Instead, we will answer any questions you have about automation technology, and provide you with the information you need to make an educated purchasing decision.

Furthermore, after you buy a linear actuator from TecHome, we will never just cut you loose. Instead, we provide ongoing customer support. If you are confused about the actuator you purchased from us, remember that we are always just a phone call away. You are welcome to call and ask questions, and we are happy to help! Got questions already? Call us today and we will help you to select the perfect linear actuator for your purposes.


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