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Find Options in Agricultural Automation in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia

Published: 24 Nov 2013

At TecHome in Australia, our goal is to make business easier for a variety of industries. We offer wireless control products, customised automation solutions and linear actuators for businesses ranging from pool & spa to trucks and trailers. With wireless control and automation, you can facilitate your work without risking quality. This is especially important for agricultural automation, considering the complexity of agricultural practices.

Whether you are located in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, TecHome will assist you with agricultural automation to keep your business running smoothly. Everyone, from farmers to warehouse cooler workers, can benefit from wireless control products to make regular work easier. Instead of focusing on the minor tasks, let automation take care of it for you while you look at the bigger picture. This ease of mind is what TecHome offers with our wireless capabilities.

Benefit From Automation Experts

TecHome was founded in 2005 as a division of HETECH, a design and manufacture company in Brisbane. We’ve made it our goal to serve customers everywhere in Australia, who needs wireless control and agricultural automation solutions. We can control and automate anything for you — just call to ask about our services, or visit

Our products are easy to use and install. Once you perform the installation, you can kick back and allow the remote control to do the work for you while you move on to other daily work. This automation can greatly benefit those who need water pump and garden irrigation work. Instead of spending time manually on your irrigation system, let the automation controls do it for you so you can focus on other aspects of your garden.

In Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia, you can use TecHome’s automation controls to your advantage. Wireless technology will only improve and grow in the upcoming years, so get involved with automation in the 21st century with the help of TecHome.

Browse Automation Products Online

A cursory look of TecHome’s website will show that we provide many types of wireless control and automation options. You can choose between transmitters, receivers, sensors, motor controllers and more by accessing For agricultural automation in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia, TecHome offers solutions ranging from products online to customised controls.

Private home owners, businesses and industries alike will be able to work with TecHome for wireless control purposes. We can tailor a solution in agriculture, small business and more for customers located all throughout Australia. No matter how difficult the project, TecHome always finds the most effective and most affordable fix for all customers.

Instead of operating everything manually, you can streamline your business’ functions with great wireless control mechanisms. From adjustable beds to solar panel controls, you’ll be amazed to see how wireless controls and automation can benefit your industry or your residence. Start the process today to get your customised control or linear actuators by contacting us at


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