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Get Comfortable with Adjustable Beds in Australia! TecHome Serves the Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Areas

Published: 24 Nov 2013

Tired of tossing and turning at night, trying to find a comfortable position? Perhaps the answer to your problem is an adjustable bed. Indeed, many people could sleep much better and have a much more comfortable, stress-free lifestyle in general if they had adjustable beds. In many cases, these people just don’t realise what would help to correct their sleeping and comfort issues.

At TecHome, one of our goals is to help spur that realisation. It’s our slogan that ‘We can control and automate anything,’ and that includes beds. That’s right: TecHome provides the tools you need for adjustable beds in Australia.

How Do We Automate Beds?

If you have been shopping around for adjustable bed in Sydney or Melbourne, you’ve probably been curious what sort of system allows for different bed movements. How would a bed be able to move into one position for reading, another for watching TV and another for sleeping?

The answer is a linear actuator, which is one of TecHome’s most popular products. Linear actuators are essentially hydraulic motors that allow for fluid, straight-line motion. Linear actuators can be used for a wide range of applications, from opening doors to controlling the positions of different solar panels throughout the day. In other words, these motors are the perfect tools for many forms of automation, and bed adjustments are one of those forms.

Why Should You Pursue Adjustable Beds in Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney

Now you know about the machines that allow adjustable beds to work, but why should you enlist TecHome to help you implement adjustable beds in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or some other city in Australia?

The truth is, there are a slew of different reasons to try out an adjustable bed. Perhaps you just aren’t comfortable in bed, and have been waking up with a stiff neck or a sore back. An adjustable bed can help you find a more comfortable sleeping position, thereby saving you from your chronic pain issues.

There can also be therapeutic benefits to using an adjustable bed. Indeed, adjustable beds were originally developed for health and therapy services. Strategic bed inclination can help to improve circulation, facilitate superior injury/surgery healing, improve breathing at night (and perhaps eliminate snoring and even eliminate heartburn caused by acid reflux disease. If you have struggled with any of these health issues in the past, call TecHome today and let us help you with your adjustable bed needs in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide.

Even if you aren’t having sleeping issues, or don’t contend with health issues that are caused or exacerbated by certain sleeping positions, shopping for an adjustable bed in Australia can be a great way to simply enhance your own comfort. For instance, reading or watching TV in bed can present a constant struggle to pile up enough pillows that sitting up becomes comfortable. Simply having a hydraulic motor to adjust the incline of the bed for you is a much better solution.

Are you convinced about the benefits of adjustable beds? If so call us at TecHome today! Our linear actuators suit slat, leisure, box spring and care beds.


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