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Get Complete Service for Industrial Automation in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia

Published: 24 Dec 2013

TecHome, located in Australia, is a leading company that provides wireless controls, automation and linear actuators for private homes and businesses all around the country. If you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or anywhere else, you can benefit from our products. While wireless control seems useful for opening shutters, it can do much more. TecHome offers industrial automation packages for various industries, including the pool, spa and lighting fields.

Though TecHome specialises in discussing its products, keep in mind that we offer total solutions to industries. We are not simply salesmen who seek to peddle a product. We want to prove that our wireless controls work, and we are willing to provide a complete array of products for industrial automation purposes. Our job is to make work easier for our customers, and part of that goal is to fully assist with the installation and customisation process.

Find Products for Lighting and Opening Roofs

Many aspects of industries can be fully automated. Gone are the days when all workers had to pitch in to open a roof or set up a lighting system manually. With the advances of technology, businesses like TecHome can provide affordable industrial automation solutions for a variety of companies. With lighting operated by remote control, you can easily close your business at the end of the day without worrying about turning off every single light on your own. TecHome employees love the chance to offer that peace of mind in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the rest of Australia.

TecHome can also help automate your opening roof. Whether you own an open roofing business or have a patio or pergola roof on your own, you can use TecHome’s range of products to open the roof easily. Instead of struggling to open and close the roof on your own, you can simply press a button and watch it move on its own. An additional motor controller can regulate the lighting as well, removing the need to operate them manually. The next time you host an outdoor party, you will be at ease knowing that those basic tasks are automated.

No More Tugging on Blinds

Opening and closing your blinds can be difficult and take time, depending on the quality of the material. Part of TecHome’s industrial automation in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia involves assisting industries with even the most minor of tasks. Instead of spending time opening blinds, you can redirect your attention to other, more important duties in your industry. That’s why TecHome strives to provide customers with the best automation and wireless control products on the market. Your blinds and shutters can be wirelessly controlled by a remote, so you won’t even need to go near that window.

For the shutters and blinds industry, providing wireless remote options gives your products an extra bonus that can’t be found with competitors. Trust TecHome to find the best solution for your industrial automation needs in Australia.


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