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TecHome's TA2 light load linear actuator
TA2 Series
Stroke: Max 800mm • Load: Max 100kg • Voltage: 12/24V DC

Stroke: Max 800mm
Load: Max 100kg
Voltage: 12/24V DC

MA2 Series
TecHome’s MA2 series linear actuator was specifically designed for applications which face harsh working environments and require ruggedness and durability

Stroke: 25~1000mm
Max Load: 600kg in pull/push
Voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC, or 36VDC

TecHome's TA18 heavy load linear actuator
JP4 Series
Voltage: 12, 24v DC • Maximum load Push/Pull: 3,500N/3,000N • Max Stroke Length: 600mm

Stroke: Max 500mm
Load: Max 300kg
Voltage: 12/24V DC

TecHome's TA2-P medium load linear actuator
TA2-P Series
The TA2-P is the high-powered sister to the TA2 linear actuator containing a more powerful motor capable of handling load ratings of up to 200kg while retaining its compact size.

Stroke: Max 1000mm
Load: Max 200kg
Voltage: 12/24V DC