Bluetooth Remote control Powerpoint – TH892-BT

The latest generation BlueTooth enabled remote controlled outdoor power point, equipped with the latest features and allows you to control your outdoor device via a free smart phone automation app.

Control your outdoor electrical products with the push of one button. Say goodbye to ordinary power outlets and embrace the easy life.


  • Bluetooth Control Via TecHome’s “TheHub”
  • Individual Controlpower-point-wholesalers-promo-wboxv2
  • Group Control Function via one remote
  • Manual Control Function
  • No interference
  • Loss of power reset
  • No line of sight operation
  • Easy to install and operateEnergy Consumption <2.5W


  • Operate two outlets independently
  • Up to three devices can be controlled from one remote
  • Can be operated manually if remote is unavailable
  • Each remote is programmed with a unique code to eliminate interference with other devices
  • In the case of power loss, device will automatically turn to off position
  • Device does not have to be in direct line of sight to operate, can be controlled from within 30m.
  • Energy efficient

General Features

TH892-BT Power Point

Maximum load 10A 2400W Resistive
Maximum load 8A @ 0.8Pf Inductive
Working Voltage…. 240VA/C 50Hz
Weatherproof IP53


TH379-18 -6 Channel Remote Control

Dimensions 124mm x 48 mm
Channel Number…. 1
Battery 12V
Protection Class IP51 Rating
Tick Approval UL/FCC/CE/C


Kit Contains: Dual outlet, 6 channel remote control and instruction manual.

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TH892 Power Point Setup and Operation

Using TecHome TheHub with TH892 Power Points


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