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Today, the need for compliance propels every decision – with your company continually assessing, correcting, and redefining every process. You seek to improve operations, enhance safety, and ensure seamless performances. A recent search for 12-volt linear actuators, however, has undermined your goals. No system seems to deliver the necessary quality; no platform seems capable enough to handle your high-performance demands. Day after day of constant effort yields no reward.

TecHome sympathises with your struggles. We also offer a solution, offering a broad range of 12-volt actuators – each tailored to speed, strength, and compliance. We recognise the need for superior craftsmanship and equally excellent results. This need for excellence is why we provide our clients with the ACS standards they deserve, ensuring that we complete every operation carefully in every work environment.

Founded in 2005, TecHome has become the premier provider of 12volt linear actuators. We offer our clients the automation they need and the service they crave. To learn more about our custom solutions contact our team today.

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The Promise of Compliance: Choosing a 12 Volt Linear Actuator

You strive to provide your employees with a safe and secure environment, just as you strive to provide your customers with precise workmanship. To achieve these goals, you vigorously comply with all national standards – and the need for a 12-volt actuator is no exception in your quest for quality.

We aid that quest, offering fully compliant 12-volt linear actuators. Each features ACS regulations, emphasising safety through every push and pull movement; and they also offer C-Tick regulations, which establishes a tangible link between both the devices and their manufacturers. This link provides our clients with full transparency and fosters trust with every sale.

Each 12volt linear actuator is Australian designed, engineered, and sold, so they comply with all the necessary Australian standards. To learn more about our standards contact our team today.

Finding the Right 12 Volt Linear Actuator: Our Products

The pursuit of compliance is absolute – and so is the search for custom 12-volt actuators. Since 2005 we’ve provided our clients with a variety of options, each catering to their specific load needs.

  • Light Load 12 Volt Linear Actuators – choices include the TA2 Series, the TA17 Series, and the TA19 Series.
  • Medium Load 12volt Linear Actuators – choices include the TA19 Series, the TA2-P Series, and the TA12 Series.
  • Heavy Load 12 Volt Linear Actuators – choices include the TA1 Series, the TA3 Series, the TA5 Series, the TA6 Series, and the TA18 Series.

Each of these actuators delivers powerful performance, blending enhanced maximum push ratios with high speeds. We pair this with full compliance to provide our clients with the security they deserve. To learn more about our ACS and C-Tick standards contact the TecHome team today by phone +61 (0)7 3297 9797.