About Us

TecHome, established in 2005 and formally a division of HETECH, an electronics design and manufacture company in Brisbane Australia, provides remote control products and wireless automation solutions to a broad range of businesses and industries.
Techome is solely focused on offering businesses a wide range of various types of actuators, combined with its locally designed supported motor controllers. It also supplies sensors, power supplies and other products to complete its offering in the ‘Motion and Automation’ appliances.
TecHome with its sister company HeTech has been designing electronics and motor controllers for over 25 years. Starting off with designing controllers for opening doors in the 1990’s these skills have now resulted in TecHome offering a variety of new motors and actuators. These actuators have been carefully tested in real-world applications and also in the lab where they have undergone life-cycle testing. The vast range of actuators makes it possible to offer an actuator solution for almost any customer and application. Controlling and supplying motors has also created the need for controllers with various functions and features. From humble beginnings with the control of DC motors for opening roofs, TecHome now offers many controllers for a wide variety of needs. Developing automation tools for the 21st century TecHome now also offers systems and products such as the HUB, a wireless automation system, and a new smart phone APP “TecHome the HUB” which together provide a user-friendly control solution
working via Bluetooth and WiFi. We are also experts in sensors for rain, wind and sun and as part of our Automation solutions offer power supplies and other components to ensure we are a complete one-stop-shop.
Managing Director Sales
Alan Kirby
BE(Electronics) GradCertMgt
Starting his career in Switzerland, where he received his qualifications in electronics engineering, the past 30 years have seen Mark hold a wide range of positions in the electronics manufacturing industry, including his 15 year Managing Director role at HeTech. Mark’s passion for automation manufacturing is underpinned by his dedication to customer service. Our dedicated Technical Sales professional, Alan Kirby. Alan is here to help with all sales-related activities including responding to sales and technical enquiries, processing and shipping orders and generally keeping customers happy.

Alan joins us with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the electronics industry and a strong belief that ‘Customer First’ is paramount. There’s not an actuator that Alan hasn’t met.