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Your business delivers innovative solutions – with every product tailored to consumer demands and every strategy deftly planned. You adapt to every need, and you create new ways to solve old problems. Why then would your automation efforts prove any different? You’re in need of a custom 12V linear actuator system: one that reflects heavy duty applications and a high-performance work culture. None of your searches have, however, yielded the right blend of power and precision.

Let TecHome provide you with the support you deserve. We proudly connect our clients to the 12V linear actuators they need, offering a broad range of ACS compliant products. We recognise the difficulties of choosing the right system, and this is why we strive to provide each client bespoke solutions.

Since 2005 we’ve served as the premier provider of 12V actuators and electronics. Our dedicated team seeks to help each company build a dynamic automation system – emphasising service, support, and solutions to our clients’ problems.

Seeking a Linear Actuator 12V: Our Products

To accommodate every company need, we offer a variety of linear actuators 12V. These heavy-load options are ideal for harsh work cultures and performance-driven operations, seamlessly blending strength with speed.

Our 12V linear actuators include:

  • The TA1 Series – With this 12V linear actuator users achieve enhanced maximum loads (10,000N in push and 4,000N in pull).
  • The TA3 Series – This linear actuator 12V provides a rugged design, letting it efficiently respond to industrial, outdoor, or even off-road equipment.
  • The TA5 Series – This 12V actuator utilises linear movements, promoting a shorter retraction length (perfect for recliners, chair lifts, and other furniture applications).
  • The TA6 Series – These linear actuators 12V deliver smooth, quiet motions for push-only functions.
  • The TA18 Series – This 12V linear actuator boasts a compact size, ensuring straightforward alignment in even the most complex environments.

Through these heavy load 12V linear actuators, we help our clients achieve the results they need – creating custom results for every work culture and every application. Each option provides a distinct: maximum push, pull, speed, and protection classification. By identifying what each company requires, we can then pair them with the best solutions.

Choosing Linear Actuators 12V: The Promise of Service

The need for a 12V actuator is undeniable – and so are the challenges in finding the right one. Companies devote countless hours to technical specs and product queries. We seek to change this, offering each client our dedicated service.

Allow our team to offer you more than a linear actuator 12V. Let them also provide you with personal support – guiding you through the selection process and assessing your heavy load requirements. They emphasise the value of specialised care, and they’re always available to answer any questions and address any concerns.

To learn more contact TecHome today by phone (1-800-773-139) or by fax (61-07-3297-9737).