Traffic Management Signs

TecHome supplies one of Australia’s largest traffic management manufacturers with our work-horse TA2-P actuators. Used in their custom designed and fabricated traffic management vehicles to lower and raise the LED sign on the roof of the vehicle.


Project Automated raising and lowering of an LED sign on the top of traffic management vehicles
Industry Manufacturing
Skills Supply of TA2-P actuators
Services Supply of Supply of TA2-P actuators
Installation support
Technical support


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TecHome's TA2-P medium load linear actuator
TA2-P Series Linear Actuator
The TA2-P is the high-powered sister to the TA2 linear actuator containing a more powerful motor capable of handling load ratings of up to 200kg while retaining its compact size.

Stroke: Max 1000mm
Load: Max 200kg
Voltage: 12/24V DC