What Is Home Automation? (And Where Can You Find the Best Home Automation Systems on the Market?)

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Get Local Advice and Support for Your Commercial or Industrial Automation System Needs

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Three Reasons to Install a Rain Sensor Switch at Your Home

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Make Pool and Spa Maintenance a Breeze with a Remote Power Switch for Lights, Chlorinators and other Electrical Components

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Enjoy the Benefits of Integrating a Motorized TV Lift Mechanism into Your Home Entertainment System

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How to Choose the Right Motorized TV Lift Kit for Your Home or Office

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TecHome Emphasises the Need for Custom Solutions, Connecting Clients to a Variety of Heavy Load 12V Linear Actuators. Contact us Today to Learn More.

Your business delivers innovative solutions – with every product tailored to consumer demands and every strategy deftly planned. You adapt to every need, and you create new ways to solve old problems. Why then would your automation efforts prove any …read more .

TecHome Delivers ACS and C-Tick Compliant 12-volt Linear Actuators, Ensuring That our Clients Achieve Quality Results. Contact our Team Today to Learn More.

Today, the need for compliance propels every decision – with your company continually assessing, correcting, and redefining every process. You seek to improve operations, enhance safety, and ensure seamless performances. A recent search for 12-volt …read more .

TecHome Caters to a Variety of Applications, With Each Electrical Actuator Adapting to Work and Play

Efficiency defines you. You expect every system to function precisely, and you demand maximum results at home and the office – with no time to spare for platforms that can’t accommodate your lifestyle, your work demands, or your needs. This strive for …read more .

TecHome Provides Automation Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Environments Alike, Delivering Electric Linear Actuators for all Needs

Time is the enemy of every production strategy. What was once innovative eventually becomes out-dated, and what was once essential becomes replaceable. You’ve witnessed the rise (and fall) of many processes, operations, and sales tactics – and now you …read more .

TecHome Offers Remote Control Power Points, With Each Switch Delivering Weather-Proof Convenience

Consistency never seems to come – with the weather always shifting from devastating heat to chilling rains to the many meteorological conditions in between. Every day reveals a new climate and every new environment shows a new series of complications …read more .