What Is Home Automation? (And Where Can You Find the Best Home Automation Systems on the Market?)

The concept of ‘home automation’ is becoming more and more commonplace in the 21st century, but what precisely does this term mean? Perhaps more importantly, how can a home automation impact your life for the better?

Let’s start with definitions. ‘Home automation’ is essentially a way of creating a network of technology in your home so that you can remotely control everything from lighting systems to televisions to outdoor spa areas to security systems. In your day-to-day readings, you may well have heard about the idea of ‘the Internet of Things.’ This concept is synonymous with home automation, wherein all of your home control systems and appliances are ‘smart devices’ capable of communicating across an interconnected network. In fact, houses that have home automation systems installed are often referred to as ‘smart homes.’

The Advantages of a Home Automation System

Now that the definitions are out of the way let’s talk about benefits. What exactly are the advantages of having a home automation system, and why might you consider implementing one in your home?

In most cases, convenience is the first reason that families start to think about investing in home automation technologies. If you forget to activate your home security system before you leave on vacation, it’s convenient to be able to switch it on with your smartphone. If you aren’t home when the kids get home from school, or when a repairer arrives to fix your furnace, it’s convenient to be able to unlock the door remotely. If you have a pool or spa, it’s convenient to have a system that can automate the chlorinators, filters, water pumps and lighting systems for you.

The convenience of a home automation system flows into the comfort of having one. Don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the lights in the house? Hit a switch on your phone to switch them all off at once. Entertaining guests out on the patio when the sun is going down? Count on your automatic home system to switch the lights on for you. Don’t want to get out of your comfortable bundle on the couch to open the entertainment centre and turn on the TV? Use a lift mechanism to make the TV pop up automatically.

Home automation systems can even help you save money and keep your home secure. When you can control your home locks, monitor your home security system or even check security cameras remotely, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe. As for saving money, using automation to control when lights come on or how your thermostat heats or cools the house during the day can help preserve energy and cut your bills down to size.

Finding the Best Home Automation System

At TecHome, our slogan is ‘we can control and automate anything!’ While we are not explicitly a home automation company, we believe that we can provide you with many of the best pieces of home automation system equipment on the market—from remote control power points to mechanised TV stands. If you need assistance picking out the best home automation components for your needs, please feel free to get in touch with us directly. You can reach TecHome by calling 1800 733 139.