TecHome Provides Automation Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Environments Alike, Delivering Electric Linear Actuators for all Needs

Time is the enemy of every production strategy. What was once innovative eventually becomes out-dated, and what was once essential becomes replaceable. You’ve witnessed the rise (and fall) of many processes, operations, and sales tactics – and now you believe you’re on the cusp of yet another change. Automation has arrived and with it comes the promises of greater efficiency and ease. Fusing your company with electric linear actuators seems the obvious step to take on a journey toward precision.

TecHome knows, however, that many companies stumble on that journey. They’re uncertain of how to best apply linear actuators – and they’re not sure which products reflect their particular load needs. This uncertainty is why our team seeks to provide custom solutions for every client, assessing work cultures and performance demands alike to identify the right automation options.

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Since 2005 we’ve connected commercial and industrial sites alike with electric linear actuator systems, emphasising quality products and genuine support. Allow us to provide you with the ease of automation.

Choosing a Linear Actuator in Australia: Our Light, Medium, and Heavy Load Options

Diversity drives the Australian market, with each commercial and industrial environment delivering a variety of operations. To ensure that each of these actions remain seamless, we offer a broad range of electric linear actuators – catering to all load types and processes.

Our linear actuators include:

  • Light Load – electric linear actuator systems provide light performance demands, delivering a series of innovations, such as telescopic designs (which combine longer strokes with shorter retracted lengths), set positions, and built-in limit switches. Products include the TA2 and the TA19.
  • Medium Load – medium load linear actuator systems promote all-performance ease, providing companies with a variety of options: manual release safety features, compact designs for seamless installation, and enhanced strokes. Products include the TA12 and the TA2-P.
  • Heavy Duty – heavy duty electric linear actuators accommodate all high-performance needs, offering companies: fully sealed casings to protect equipment against harsh environments, mechanical or electromagnetic braking, and increased push and pull speeds. Products include the TA1 and the TA18.

Each linear actuator provides stellar automation, adapting to a bevvy of commercial and industrial needs: such as heavy equipment, off-road equipment, recliners and lifting chairs, hospital equipment, and more. They deliver consistent speeds and powerful push loads, and they help to strengthen every process.

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Automation, you know, is essential to the continued success of your company – and linear actuators promise streamlined effortless operations. Allow the TecHome team to find you the ideal option for your light, medium, and heavy duty load needs. Contact us today. We’ll quickly respond to all questions, offering you the automation advice you need and the commercial-quality products you require: