Get Local Advice and Support for Your Commercial or Industrial Automation System Needs

Picture this scenario: your company purchases a commercial or industrial automation system from an overseas company, based on positive reviews. You weigh the pros and cons of buying a foreign product, but figure you won’t have much trouble with such a highly rated system and will, therefore, have little need for ongoing customer support.

Then, once you’ve installed the system, things start to go wrong. Maybe the roof opening system is malfunctioning, or perhaps the pool and spa equipment isn’t working as described. You are suddenly in need of customer support for your commercial or industrial automation products but can’t get the local troubleshooting help you need because you bought from a foreign company. You are, to put it simply, caught between a rock and a hard place.

The Benefits of Buying Local

If you want to avoid the above scenario with your commercial or industrial automation systems, your best bet is to search for good quality products with options for local support. At TecHome, those types of products are precisely what we provide. We are a leading supplier of control products for roof systems, pool and spa equipment, blinds and shutters, lighting and much more. From residential clients to businesses and industrial enterprises, we also serve all industries. Best of all, we are an Australian-based company offering local Australian product support.

There are several benefits to shopping with a local company for your commercial or industrial automation needs. First off, all of the products we sell at TecHome are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia. Not only does this mean you will be supporting the Australian economy by buying with us, but it also means that the products we carry meet all Australian standards and benchmarks. Every product in our range is C-Tick approved and ACS (Australian Computer Society) compliant.

The other major benefit of buying commercial or industrial automation products from a domestic company is the superior customer service you will receive. If you are trying to choose the right linear actuators or motor controllers, we will work with you to help you find the best products for the job. If you need installation assistance, we can offer that service as well. If you encounter technical difficulties with installation, our local technical support team will be on hand to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution. When you shop with TecHome, you don’t just get a product; you get a complete service.

Start Shopping for Your Commercial or Industrial Automation Essentials Today

Automate your business headquarters or industrial warehouse without the headache of having to work with an overseas company. Shop with us and enjoy local assistance from choosing your products all the way through ongoing technical support.

Need help picking out the right industrial automation products for your enterprise, or wondering about how TecHome’s local product support service works? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for assistance. You can reach us by dialling 1800 733 139 right now.