How to Choose the Right Motorized TV Lift Kit for Your Home or Office

A motorized TV lift kit is a great way to conserve space and keep your LED or LCD screens safe when you aren’t using them. A high quality TV lift kit can automatically raise your television or monitor out of a cabinet, table or wall unit—all without creating much noise or causing any distraction.

As a result, pop-up TV lift kits have become popular in both homes and businesses. At home, you can keep your TV set safe in a cabinet when you aren’t using it—significantly reducing the risk of a playful child or an unruly pet knocking it over. At work, a TV set or monitor can slot into a hidden compartment in the middle of a conference room or on a wall—making presentations or video conferencing easier and more convenient than ever before.

Choosing the Right TV Lift Kit for Your Purposes

At TecHome, we pride ourselves on helping our clients move into the new age of home and commercial automation. TV lift kits are a big part of that commitment, and we are pleased to carry one of the most intuitive ranges of pop-up television kits on the market. Instead of confusing you with dozens of models that only have tiny differences or features, we have distilled our line of TV lift kits down to just three units.

All three of our lift kits use the same underlying mechanism and boast the same essential features. Regardless of which model you choose, you will get a TV lifting mechanism that can lift your TV to a customised viewing height with limited noise and sufficient weight capacity. The main differences between our three models are in the size department, with one lift kit each to serve the small, medium and large television classes.

In other words, choosing the right pop up TV lift kit for your purposes should involve little more than measure your TV or checking the manual for weight and dimensions. All three lifts are capable of handling televisions that weigh up to 60kg, which should suit most modern flat screen TVs. Here are our three units, as well as the information you need to know to decide which one is right for you.

  • Small (TVL3-S): This model has a maximum lift height of 650mm or about 25.6 inches.
  • Medium (TVL3-M): This model has a maximum lift height of 785mm or about 30.9 inches.
  • Large (TVL3-L): This model has a maximum lift height of 914mm or about 35 inches.

Please note that the heights you see here will not be the ones advertised for your television. TV sizes are measured diagonally, while the height of the TV from top to base is the measurement that matters for choosing your TV lift kit. Measure the height of your television to determine which size is right.

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