Enjoy the Benefits of Integrating a Motorized TV Lift Mechanism into Your Home Entertainment System

TVs used to be the centrepieces for any rooms that contained them. This fact had less to do with the aesthetic beauty of televisions and more to do with their unwieldy size. In the days of cathode ray televisions, it wasn’t uncommon for a single living room TV set to weigh 50 kilogrammes or more and take up an entire corner of the room. A big television set could be roughly the same size of a lounge chair.

Today, the advance of technology has sent cathode ray TVs to the grave, with gorgeous flat screen plasma, LCD and LED televisions taking their place. Not only do these TVs weigh a whole lot less, but they are also considerably more compact. Even the largest LED TVs are so slim that they don’t have to dominate a room like television sets did back in the day.

Conceal Your TV and Keep It Safe, with a Motorised TV Lift from TecHome

If you still want to display your television on a table or even mounted on the wall, you can obviously do so. However, more and more homeowners seem to be opting for living room or bedroom décor styles where the TV is not a defining part of the decoration. Instead, the TV stays tucked out of sight when it isn’t in use, allowing the room’s other furniture or wall art to define the look of the space.

A TV lift system can make this style of decoration considerably more convenient. With a TV lift, you don’t have to open and close the doors to your entertainment centre every time you want to turn on the news, or manually tuck your TV into a wall unit after you watch a movie. Instead, a proper TV lift mechanism will enable your flat screen TV to ‘pop up’ from a cabinet or wall unit at the touch of a button. Just activate the TV lift when you are ready to watch television and enjoy your programming. Hit the button again to make your TV slide back into the wall unit or cabinet. The entire process is just as easy as using your remote control to change a channel.

The Benefits of a TV Lift System

Using TV lifts has several advantages. It frees up space in your living room or master bedroom, offers extra flexibility with decoration and is seamless enough that it won’t screw up your daily routine. TV lifts operate smoothly and quietly, with a high-tech sophistication that you will love. You can integrate most TV lift mechanisms with different tables, cabinets, entertainment centres, wall units or desks throughout your home, such is their versatility. As a result, it’s possible to put a motorised TV lift pretty much anywhere.

Finally, there’s also the safety aspect. Especially in homes with children or animals, there is always the fear that your TV table might get bumped or pulled over. Not only can a small accident result in the complete destruction of an expensive TV set, but it can also pose a risk to the well-being of small children. Modern flat screen TVs weigh a lot less than the cathode ray televisions we were using two decades ago, but they are still heavy enough to hurt a child or pet if and when they fall.

From greater decorative possibilities to improved home safety, a TV lift system is worth an investment for multiple reasons. We invite you to call TecHome at 1800 733 139 to discuss purchasing and to install one of these systems for your home.