Three Reasons to Install a Rain Sensor Switch at Your Home

In the summertime, there’s nothing like opening the windows and letting the warm breeze blow fresh air through the house or spending time out on the patio or in an open-air room. The airflow doesn’t just make your home more comfortable, but it can also save you money on air conditioning.

The only issue is that, when it starts to rain, you have to dash around the house closing all the windows. If you aren’t home, and you didn’t close the windows before you left, you might come back to find your floors, carpet or furniture drenched with rainwater that came in through your open windows. If you have an opening roof or skylight—so perfect for creating an indoor/outdoor feel in sunrooms or solariums—failing to get everything closed off before the rain comes can cause even more damage.

The TecHome Rain Sensor Switch

The TecHome rain sensor is the solution to all of the problems described above. This smart sensor is designed to detect raindrops or moisture falling through open roof systems or windows. If the sensor does detect rain, it will activate an automated system that closes the roof, shuts the window and seals off your home—all before a torrential downpour soaks your hardwood floors or favourite upholstered furniture.

Wondering whether or not you would get much use out of TecHome’s rain sensor switch? Consider these three core benefits.

  • It works with any open roof or window systems: Every house is different. One home might have no open roof system, but still boast windows on all sides of the house. One might have a patio area with a louvre roof. A third residence might have a sunroom with a mechanical roof so that the entire space can open up and become an outdoor seating area in the summer. Our rain sensors aren’t designed to work with just one type of window or roof. Rather, they can be configured to work with the design of your house and home automation system.
  • It can integrate with your home automation system: TecHome’s rain sensor switch is intended for use with our motor controller range, but can integrate with most home automation systems. If your system controller has an analogue input, you should have no problem installing and implementing a rain sensor. If you do not have a home automation system, speak with one of our representatives to find out what other automation products we can install for you!
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean: Rain sensors are mainly just metal pads designed to detect rain droplets or excess moisture and then relay those signals to your home automation system. The sensor is compact, aesthetically striking and easy to clean. It can blend in with the design of your house without being an eyesore and is so easy to maintain that you will hardly notice it.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds, with a TecHome Rain Sensor

Get the summer breeze without the rain; save money on air conditioning without paying for it in water damage; make use of your louvre windows or mechanical roof without worrying about precipitation. With the TecHome rain sensor switch, you can get the best of both worlds in all of these categories. Just call us on 1800 733 139 to find out more about product purchase and installation.