TecHome Offers Remote Control Power Points, With Each Switch Delivering Weather-Proof Convenience

Consistency never seems to come – with the weather always shifting from devastating heat to chilling rains to the many meteorological conditions in between. Every day reveals a new climate and every new environment shows a new series of complications for your outdoor outlets. The constant push of humidity leads to lost power, weak currents, and perpetual interference; and you find yourself unable to keep your water pumps and pool lighting functioning properly. You need help. You need a remote control switch.

Since 2005 TecHome has provided our customers with remote control power outlets – allowing them to operate their outdoor equipment effortlessly, without having to fear the weather. Our products deliver efficient (and practical) solutions for every home, and they promise convenience with every installation.

Tired of battling the wind and rain? A remote controlled power point offers all-weather resistance. To learn more about these options contact our team today by phone (1-800-773-139) or by fax (61-07-3297-9737). We’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns.

The Value of a Remote Control Power Switch

We believe that every client deserves superior service. This belief is why we offer remote control power outlets, connecting families to the outside aid they need. These innovative options provide a bevy of benefits, including:


Each remote controlled power point is carefully engineered, with their protective casings boasting an IP51 rating. This rating ensures long-lasting results in all weather and allows our clients to receive waterproof protection.

No Device Interference

Every remote control power switch offers a unique programming code. This security eliminates device interference and allows users to control their energy needs more efficiently.

Low Energy Consumption

Each remote control switch is energy-efficient, consuming less than 2.5W. This efficiency helps to lower utility bills and maintain steady currents (without sacrificing device strength).

Multi-Application Design

With every remote control power outlet, users can access three devices – allowing them quickly to adjust pool pump settings, dim outdoor lighting, and other tasks without seeking multiple controllers. Group functionality promises convenience.

No Sight Line

A remote control power switch doesn’t demand a direct sight line, with users able to instead utilise two independent outlets from up to 100 meters away. This convenience provides quick responses whether in or out of the house.

Through these advantages, our remote controlled power points offer clients the ease they deserve.

Simplicity with Every Installation

The value of a remote control switch is undeniable. Too often, however, do individuals struggle with system installations – baffled by operational guidelines and dual outlet kits. We seek to change this, offering a streamlined installation process (users will only need an available wall socket and a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver). Speed and convenience combine with every outlet.

To learn more about our remote controlled switches visit TecHome today. Our team will gladly answer any product questions, as well as provide custom outdoor solutions for your specific needs.