Make Pool and Spa Maintenance a Breeze with a Remote Power Switch for Lights, Chlorinators and other Electrical Components

The goal of any home swimming pool owner is to spend more time enjoying the pool than you do maintaining it. This balancing act can sometimes be easier said than done, though, because home spa maintenance does require some work. From making sure the chlorine and chemical levels are ideal to checking that the water pumps and filters are working correctly. Obviously, the big question is this: how can you enjoy your swimming pool or hot tub while also minimising the amount of time you spend on maintenance tasks?

Why a Remote Power Switch is the Ideal Product for You

At TecHome, we are here to help you get more enjoyment out of your indoor or outdoor spa area. We carry a range of remote power switches. These products are remote controlled power points that you can use to automate a lot of the tasks related to swimming pool upkeep.

Which tasks, precisely? A remote controlled power point is a remote electrical switch that you can hook up to virtually any electrical component related to your spa. As such, clients in the past have used these systems to control water pumps, water filters and chlorinators. The automation of these components makes it easier to keep your pool or hot tub clean, hygienic and safe.

A remote power switch can also act as a remote light switch, which is perfect for automating pool and spa lighting. Do you have an outdoor pool? Do you want the lights to turn on every evening when it gets dark so that you or your guests can enjoy the pool at any time? A remote light switch from TecHome is the perfect mechanism to input those settings.

Two additional components make a TecHome remote electrical switch an even better investment. First, these power switches are not just ideal for pool or spa areas. On the contrary, many clients use them to power their entire patio, deck, garden or BBQ areas. Show off your impressive landscaping with an automated lighting system, or make sure that your outdoor dining area is always ready to go—even after dark.

Secondly, our remote light and power switches are 100% weather-proof, which makes them ideal for outdoor applications. You can install one of these power points without worrying about a severe rainstorm damaging the circuitry and costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Thanks to the durability of these systems, they are ideal for basically any outdoor area that requires power.

Start Shopping with TecHome Today

From swimming pool maintenance to outdoor parties, a remote power switch can simplify and improve your lifestyle in numerous ways. If you are interested in investing in one of these powerful automation systems, get in touch with us today. Our associates are happy to talk with you about your needs and recommend the system or systems that will be best for you. Call us on 1800 733 139 to start the conversation.