TH529 Motor Controller Roof Kit

The Techome TH529 is a remote controlled Multi Bank Opening Roof/Louvre motor controller which can control up to four motors in sequence, with the added feature of both electronic under & over current protection. With high intelligence, this controller has the parameters to detect obstructions and end of travel limited to protect the motors and linkages.


  • Control from 1 to 4 motors
  • Link multiple units
  • Low voltage operation
  • Rain sensor input standard
  • Factory pre-programmed


  • Users are able to simultaneously control up to 4 motors at one time
  • Energy efficient


General Features:

TH529 4 motor Controller
Voltage 12V or 24CV DC
Linkage Up to 16 motors
Maximum Motor Control 4
Protection Class IP5
Operational Temperature Range 0°-50°C
Tick Approval UL/FCC/CE/C

TH379-18 6 Channel Remote Control    
Dimensions 124m x 48mm
Channel Number 3-6
Battery 12V
Protection Class IP50
Tick Approval UL/FCC/CE/C

TH495 Rain Sensor
Dimensions 125 (132) mm x 86mm
Weight 132g
Supply Voltage 12V DC standard
Operating Range On/ Off (precipitation/no precipitation)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 80°C
Controller Input Analog
Cable Length 5m
Material Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Plate
UV Stable

TFM00023 Power Supply
Voltage 240V
Dimensions 135mm x 83mm x 70mm




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