TH717 Smart Motor Controller

TH717 Smart Motor Controller


Control and automate your entire outdoor entertaining area or patio with TecHome’s brand new TH717 opening roof motor controller. This ultimate all-in-one solution motor controller is perfect for operating lights, RGB LED strips, rain sensors and motors.

This Australian designed and manufactured motor controller can be fully customised and programmed to suit any application such as opening roofs, hatches, windows and any other architectural application you can think of. Even with the endless number of customisation possibilities of the TH717, it is also breeze to install with a simple plug and play approach, making roof and architectural installations easier than ever.

  TH717+ TH717
PSU 12v/24v 15A Max 12v/24v 20A Max
No. of Motors 2 2
Motor Connections 6-Pin DIN 2-Pin Terminal
Max Motor Current* 4A/motor 15A/Motor
No. of light connections 3 3
Max Light Power* 60w/terminal or 120w max 60w/terminal or 120w max
Dual Sync Yes No
Motor Tracking Pulse (%) Time Tracking (5 intervals)
Parallel Drive Yes Low Current Motors only (? 4A)
RJ45 Connector Yes Yes
RF Connectivity Yes (433.92MHz) Yes (433.92MHz)
Variable Motor Speed Yes Yes
Motor Ramping Yes Yes
USB Configurable settings Yes (Micro-USB) Yes (Micro-USB)
Smartphone (Bluetooth) Control Yes Yes
Rain Sensor/Detection Yes Yes
Schedule & Timer Feature Yes Yes

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