Opening Roofs

TecHome has been developing controllers and sensors for the Opening Roof industry for over 10 years. Its products are industry leading and offer many leading edge features and functions. But beside these products TecHome offers outstanding local support through its strong engineering background. To offer a start to finish installation solution, TecHome has added third party products to offer you a one-stop service. These products include our outstanding range of actuators, remotes and controllers, which are offered in a wide range of features and functions.

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TecHome’s multi-skilled services are a perfect match for Architects and Builders as we offer the complete solution ready for installation. Controlling blinds, shutters and shades for big commercial buildings such as schools, office buildings, churches, etc., comes as second nature to TecHome. Customisation and services and support are key to make these projects successful.


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Pool Chlorinators

Evolution Pty Ltd, one of the biggest design and manufacturers of pool products in Australia, approached TecHome for assistance with automation of its chlorinators.

TecHome partnered with Evolution to integrate TecHome’s standard Bluetooth electronics into their existing enclosure. A standard product is now future protected ready to connect to other IoT (Internet of Things).

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Full Custom Applications

TecHome can provide a full service package, which includes customisation, design and production for any project that requires automation and control; streamlining and future-proofing your business or homes.

TecHome has developed customised technology and developed partnerships for a range of industries including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Pool Technology, Architecture and Home.


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