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TH724 Intelligent Appliance Controller Revolutionises Home & Commercial Spaces.

Published: 08 Jul 2024
TH724 Intelligent Appliance Controller Revolutionises Home & Commercial Spaces.

Control your outdoor electrical products and devices with a push of a button and embrace the easy life.

Assist your customers with our TH724, which offers numerous benefits such as adding convenience to your application, a hot water booster with a timer function, spa remote and timer application, outdoor and indoor lighting control, pool chlorinator controller with timer and Bluetooth, and compatibility with any 240V home appliance.

The Smart Appliance Controller is the future of remote control for hard-wired appliances, ideal for hot water systems, air conditioning, lighting, and more. Key features include:

  • 2x 240v Appliance Outputs
  • Individual Control
  • Manual Control
  • No Line of Sight Operation
  • Factory Pre-Programmed
  • Remote control and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Timer function

We’re excited to announce an exclusive promotion on our state-of-the-art controllers, the perfect upgrade from our popular remote powerpoints.

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DIY Wireless Bluetooth GPO

The latest generation Bluetooth enabled remote-controlled outdoor power point, equipped with the latest features, allows you to control & schedule your outdoor device via a free smartphone automation app.

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