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Benefits of an ergonomic workspace

Published: 25 Jun 2015
Benefits of an ergonomic workspace

IN this day and age with so many of us spending huge amounts of time at our desks, it’s important to design a workspace that reduces the risk of injury from inappropriate sitting positions / posture, due to incorrect office furniture.

A desk lift is a great way of achieving a workspace that not only reduces injury but also enhances productivity, flexibility and comfort. 

Adjustable height desks are ideal for the home or office, with a choice of handsets to operate the desk lift.

  • Suitable for most office desks
  • Can be installed onto a new or existing desk
  • Go from sitting to standing position in seconds
  • Ergonomic design is suitable for most user’s height
  • Quiet and smooth while adjusting; no need to clear desk
  • Easy installation; easy operation

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