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How to Choose a Replacement Actuator

Published: 12 Dec 2018
How to Choose a Replacement Actuator

Over time, actuators can unfortunately break or fail, due to a plethora of reasons (such as improper use, excessive weathering, twisting etc.). If the time comes where you need to replace an actuator, these are the steps you will need to follow, to ensure you can provide us the right information to replace the old or failed actuator.

Most actuators will have a sticker on the base or side of their motors. On this sticker you should be able to find all the information required to order your replacement actuator.

The Information that you would need to provide to us is:

  1. Product part and model number: This is usually a 2 letters followed by a series of numbers and letters (e.g. TA2-1L-300437-2211-123-3). This will assist in providing most of the information we need. This is usually the first line of information provided on the information label.
  2. Stroke Length: Most actuators will have stroke length labelled on the motor. If you can’t find or read the stroke length, you can calculate it by following these instructions
  3. Push/Pull Weight: This is the max force that the motor will be able to push and pull. If you can’t find this information, you will need to work out the force that is appropriate for the application.
  4. Voltage: This is critical in order to know how the actuator is being powered. Running 24v through a 12v actuator will potentially destroy it. On the other hand, running 12v through a 24v actuator will run at operate at half the speed.
  5. Fill in our Customer Actuator Enquiry Form and send it to

By completing these steps as best as possible, we will be able to find you a suitable replacement for your application.

If you have any questions,  feel free to contact us via email or phone (+61) 07 3297 9797