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How can TecHome help detect rain?

Published: 19 Feb 2015
How can TecHome help detect rain?

WITH Queensland’s impending weather event bringing a large deluge of rain to the South-East corner of the state over the weekend, we thought what better time than now to talk about how a TecHome rain sensor can benefit you.

The TH495 Rain Sensor is 100% designed and manufactured in Australia and is made from marine grade stainless steel.  The sensor has been designed with easy cleaning in mind, only requiring cleaning once a year.

The TH495 is the perfect application for users with opening roofs, detecting rain droplets and ensuring automatic closure of the roof system.  However the rain sensor is not limited to this application.

TecHome’s rain sensor can also be used in applications such as outdoor water tanks, where water levels must be monitored. The five metre wire allows the user to place the sensor inside the water tank and alert the user when water levels have reached a certain point, allowing the user to close their water tanks.

Our rain sensors have also been used in green houses and nursery’s where excess moisture is detected and alerts users to open windows to create a favorable atmosphere for plants.

The TH495 can be used as a sole application or can be paired with one of TecHome’s wireless controllers for easy control with the push of one button. Our products are designed and manufactured to intergrate and complement each other, offering greater flexibility to suit your needs and expectations.

Interested in how a rain sensor can benefit your application? Call TecHome today 1800 773 139 or email