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Let TecHome Australia Pick out the Perfect TV Lift Kit in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

Published: 24 Jan 2015

It used to be that a TV lift kit was just something that youd see in futuristic movies. You know what we mean: the systems that allow a flat-screen television to appear as if from nowhere by sliding in or out of a cabinet or wall unit. Luckily, TV lift units are no longer a hallmark only of science fiction: indeed, you can get your own TV lift kit in Australia today, and TecHome can help you pick the perfect system!

At TecHome, we have been offering high-quality Australian products and strong local customer support to the areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for the past five years. In that time, TV lift kits have become one of our hallmarksa popular product that everyone from homeowners to businesses wants to have.

Its not hard to see the appeal of a TV lift kit. At home, the TV can essentially disappear when youre not using itprotecting it from accidental damage and even theft. At work, you can make a presentation on a media screen and then have it slide into a wall unit or down into the boardroom table, allowing for extra space and minimal distractions.

Which TV Lift Kit is Right for You?

At TecHome, we offer a wide range of different products, from actuators to receivers. Our products are used for automation in a variety of applications, from home use to industrial work. Of the products we sell, TV lift kits are probably the most simplistic and straightforward. So if you are shopping for a TV lift kit in Sydney or Melbourne, just read on to learn which kit is right for you!

First of all, measure the height of your screen. You dont need to worry about the width, or the diagonal measurement that TV companies often use to advertise screen size. The height is the information that TecHome will need to decide which kit you need. You dont need to measure with the stand on though, since it will be removed when you install the lift kit!

Next, consider the three lift kit versions that TecHome has to offer Australia customers. We essentially have a small, a medium and a large version of the lift. The smallest, designated by model number TVL2-S, is ideal for screens that measure 650 mm or less in height. The medium size, TVL2-M, is for screen sizes between 650 mm and 780 mm. Finally, the largest model is the TVL2-L, which fits anything between 780 mm and 914 mm.

Why You Should Work with TecHome When You Buy Your TV Lift Kit in Melbourne or Sydney

If you are shopping for a TV lift kit in Adelaide or Melbourne, heres why you should work with TecHome: we are all about locality. Not only do we strive to only carry products designed and manufactured in Australia, but we also provide local customer support that is simply invaluable for automation systems like this. If you ever have an issue with your TV lift kit, you can simply call TecHome and we will help you troubleshoot the issue. So dont delay: give us a call today and we will help you pick out and install the perfect TV lift kit for your home or workplace!