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Linear Actuators are turning the ‘average’ Joe into GI Joe!

Published: 11 Apr 2016
Linear Actuators are turning the ‘average’ Joe into GI Joe!

Science has discovered a way to use linear actuators to improve and increase human strength, agility and the endurance capabilities of the person inside it. The US Army is developing these wearable robotic exoskeletons allowing the user to lift a heavy object and walk or run for long periods without injury or exhaustion. See the video here.

 “The second generation XOS 2 robotic suit uses lighter material and is about 50% more energy efficient than the XOS 1. The exoskeleton is expected to weigh about 95kg. It utilises a combination of controllers, sensors, high-strength aluminium and steel which allow structures and actuators to perform the tasks” (the article is here).

This is a fantastic use of linear actuator technology and an excellent example of how it’s improving people’s lives.

What’s the coolest thing you have ever used a linear actuator for?


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