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How do TecHome customers use their linear actuators?

Published: 28 Jan 2016
How do TecHome customers use their linear actuators?

TECHOME linear actuators are ideal for lifting, pushing and pulling loads of up to 1000 kg’s and are a perfect alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.

They work hard, fast, safe, clean and accurately, day in, day out, under the toughest conditions with little or no maintenance.

Here’s a list of how some of our customers use their linear actuators:

Our range of TV Lift Kits have come in handy for a lot of customers as well.  They’ve used TV Lift Kits for everything from hiding TV’s in bedrooms, living rooms, AV rooms, meeting rooms and even on boats! Find out how TecHome can cure your TV Envy here.

Check out our range of linear actuators and TV Lift Kits or feel free to give the TecHome team a call on 1800 773 139 if you want more info on any of our products.