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TecHome CON50 Opening Doors for Stealth Welding & Fabrication

Published: 05 Nov 2015
TecHome CON50 Opening Doors for Stealth Welding & Fabrication

JUST when we thought our friends at Stealth Welding & Custom Fabrication have done it all, they created a hidden trap door using the TecHome CON50 Linear Actuator.

Channelling Maxwell Smart for this project, the concealed trap door in a home in Brisbane’s North uses the push and pull motion of the CON50 linear actuator to push open the wooden floor to reveal a hidden staircase leading down to a cellar. Good thinking 99!

For this project, TecHome recommended the use of a 200kg maximum load linear actuator with a 750mm stroke length. The CON50 was an ideal choice for this application due to its versatility, high efficiency and small overall dimensions. The CON50 is a great option for projects where size is limited by design or functionality and boasts a sturdy design made from powder-coated steel.

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