TecHome provides customised Motion and Automation solutions, Australian made wireless control products and linear actuators to a broad range of businesses, manufacturers & industries across the world. We pride ourselves on offering quality automation solutions at affordable prices, support and excellent customer service.

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TecHome Linear Actuators

Actuator Supplier

TecHome has been supplying actuators to a range of industrial, business & manufacturing businesses for over 10 years. If you’re looking for a good quality actuator with local support, TecHome offer a range of actuators that can lift weights of up to 1000kg. Not sure what kind of actuator you need? We’ll give you some advice on what kind of actuator will suit your application, or we can put together a complete package to suit your requirements.

Products: Actuators

Solutions: Traffic Signs | Machinery | Opening Roofs | Agriculture

Remote Motor Controllers

TecHome’s motor controllers are designed and built in Australia by sister company, Hetech. We supply our motor controller to a range of industries such as Architecture, Opening Roofs & Opening Windows. Need a customised solution? Easy, leveraging our engineering background and connections with Hetech to customise the electronics and software in our motor controllers to suit your needs. Customisation and services and support are key to make these projects successful, contact us for a quote today.

Products: Smart Motor Controllers | RF Relay Controllers | Opening Roof Kits | Quad Sync Controllers

Solutions: Mining | Opening Windows | Sports Equipment | Opening Roofs | Garage Doors

TH717 Smart Motor Controller

Remote Outdoor Power Solutions

TecHome’s remote outdoor power points are the 100% Australian designed and built. You can find our remote power points Australia-wide at any electrical wholesaler (e.g. Haymans, AWM, Reece Irrigation & many more). All our powerpoints are IP53 rated,  BT versions include bluetooth connectivity (using The Hub) and scheduling.

Got a product that requires remote power control? Talk to us today to see how we can integrate our remote power solutions into your next product.

Products: DIY Remote Power Points | Electrician Remote Power Points | 240v Smart Appliance Controller | The Hub

Solutions: Outdoor Lighting | Pool Pumps | Hot Water Systems

IoT & Automation Apps

TecHome has developed it’s own state-of-the-art Bluetooth automation app, ‘The Hub’. ‘The Hub’ allows users to control a variety of TecHome integrated devices around the home via a tablet or mobile phone. ‘The Hub’ can be customised to control almost everything in your home from opening roofs, pool chlorinators, LED/RGB lighting, linear actuators, motors, gates, blinds, shutters, appliances and much more.

TecHome offers it’s clients the option to brand The Hub app to their business’ colours, theme & logo. Need more? Alternatively, TecHome can engineer your own app to use in conjunction with our range of bluetooth products for your next project. Talk to us to discuss your possibilities.

Products: The Hub App | Smart Motor Controller | TH892-BT | The Hub Controller

Solutions: Pool Pumps | Landscaping

Remote Lighting

TecHome’s LED Lighting Kits provides ambient low voltage lighting for dark areas around your home, office or outdoor patio. Power 12v or 24v LED strips and lights.

Products: LED Lighting Kit | Smart Motor Controllers (RGB)

Solutions: Patio Roof Lighting | Cabinet Lighting | Shop Front

TV & Column Lifts Supplier

TecHome TV Lift Kits take TV viewing to the next level. Our kits are designed to quietly lift and lower a television out of a cabinet or wall unit with a one touch remote control. With a maximum 60kg load, the largest TecHome lift mechanism is suitable for TVs up to 60inches.

Perfect for saving space in hotels and residential projects.

Products: TV Lifts | Column Lift Kits

Solutions: Interior Design | Cabinet Makers