Electric Actuators for Natural Ventilation Systems

Published: 14 Apr 2023
Electric Actuators for Natural Ventilation Systems

Electric actuators are becoming increasingly popular for natural ventilation systems in intelligent building management. These actuators are compatible with most control systems and can automate windows, skylights, exhaust systems, and other electric natural ventilation systems. They are also customisable to meet specific application needs, providing energy-optimised environments that require little-to-no maintenance.

Air quality has become a major public health concern, particularly in places with high concentrations of people, such as buildings, offices, schools, and stores. Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air due to the use of insulating building materials that prevent proper air renewal. To combat this, many companies and consumers are investing in automated natural ventilation systems equipped with electric actuators.

Windows, skylights, and smoke vents equipped with electric actuators enable intelligent building management and ensure an optimal indoor environment in all circumstances. They are especially useful environments with specific needs such as machine rooms, greenhouses, animal farms, and any other activity generating dust, vapours, and toxic products.

TecHome’s electric actuators are specifically designed to automate windows, skylights, and smoke vents. These high-quality extruded aluminium actuators are durable and can withstand harsh building conditions and repeated equipment movements. Their high load capacity allows them to operate any type of window, even the largest. TecHome offers several electric actuator options:

  • VN1 electric actuator for roof windows,
  • TA38M electric actuator for skylights,
  • TA16 electric actuator for windows.

In addition to natural ventilation, smoke and heat exhaust ventilators are mandatory for fire and chemical incident prevention measures. Smoke vents equipped with electric actuators allow for the rapid evacuation of heat, smoke, and toxic gases in an incident, preserving building safety. Several types of electric actuators are available for smoke exhaust systems and other ventilation systems with adjustable slats, including:

  • TA23 for smoke vents,
  • VN2 in-line electric actuator for small openings,
  • TA29AC electric actuator for ventilation systems.

TecHome’s electric actuators for natural ventilation systems are easy to use and do not require hoses, pumps, or compressors. They are compatible with most control systems and can be operated and programmed with a simple command. Connected to the central heating system, natural ventilation systems allow for precise thermal regulation of environments, reducing heating and cooling needs and positively impacting operating costs.

TecHome’s electric actuators for windows can be equipped with an optional IP66 rating, making them particularly suitable for equipment interacting with the outdoors and subject to the elements. Highly customisable, they can be easily integrated into Building Management Systems and adapted to your application’s specific needs.

As modern design favours natural light in buildings, the increasing number of windows and skylights requires simplified, global, and automated management systems. TecHome’s electric actuators provide an excellent solution for natural ventilation systems that require energy-efficient, maintenance-free, and intelligent building management.

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