Replacing Hydraulics with Actuators will Increase Safety and Reduce Costs

Published: 11 Jun 2019
Replacing Hydraulics with Actuators will Increase Safety and Reduce Costs

At TecHome, we remain ever vigilant and progressive when it comes to safety in the manufacturing industry. There is currently far too much wiggle room for employee accidents, especially when it comes to gas struts and hydraulics.

Reducing the risk of injuries on the job should always be a top priority for businesses and manufacturers that sit on the leading edge of the industry. It’s the responsibility of these businesses to set an example when it comes to reducing the chances of a job-related injury along with cutting long-term costs.

This can all be done by replacing gas struts and hydraulics with TecHome linear actuators. Let’s take a look at how.


The installation of linear actuators is easier and faster than hydraulics, and they’re a more predictable piece of equipment all around. Compared to hydraulics, linear actuators have:

  • Quicker and more predictable system tuning
  • A smaller footprint
  • Incredibly quick and easy installation processes

Better Control

If you’re running a manufacturing company, whether you’ve got 100 employees or 5, it’s important to have complete control over your equipment. It’s even more important for your employees to have the same control. Electric linear actuators can operate with very little force, and that quality alone makes them safer and a contributor to cost reduction.

  • Remote control that enables multiple motions, increased productivity and a major reduction to operator injury risks
  • Multiple digital and analogue feedback options for accurate positioning
  • Variable speed control


They’re Safer

TecHome linear actuators are safer than their hydraulic counterparts. They have an arsenal of safety features, including:

  • Holding the power position when turned off
  • Zero drift when power is off
  • They require minimal human intervention
  • They can be controlled wirelessly from a safe distance
  • The designs are ergonomic and lightweight
  • They can be easily integrated with existing safety systems such as limits, beam sensors, proximity sensors, infrared sensors…and more!
  • Extra low voltage eliminates potential electric shock and reduces cost
  • Equipped with overload protections
  • They’re self-locking
  • They’re made with zero carcinogenic materials

Little Maintenance & Eco Friendly

Not only do linear actuators require less maintenance, but they’re environmentally friendly as well! Each of these features makes them safer and encourage cost reduction. Linear actuators have:

  • No pumps, valves or hoses
  • No resizing to change out or add components
  • End of stroke limit switches
  • Absolutely no maintenance necessary, meaning they are handled less by you and employees
  • No fluids, chemicals or solvents are necessary to properly run a linear actuator
  • No environmental contamination or leakage
  • Electricity is used only during operation, reducing carbon footprint
  • Actuators can be recycled

If you’re ready to take the first step toward linear actuators, bringing you closer to an industrial revolution, we’re here to help. Contact TecHome to see how you can reduce your employees risk and save long term costs.

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